What Services Do Property Management Companies Provide?

When it comes to owning a rental property, it can be a rewarding investment. However, managing one can be challenging, particularly if you do it alone. That is why most property owners hire property management services. Take a look at what services a property management company provides.

Property management services include various services to help owners vacationers, and investors manage their properties more effectively and maximize their return on investment (ROI). ProperSavvy is here to guide you through the legwork of property management, so you can make the best decisions for your investment. In this blog, we will discuss the property management services that different real estate companies provide.

The real estate industry operates at a rapid pace. Within this sector, companies deliver the following array of property management services:

  1. Rent Management

One of the vital services we offer as a property management company is rent management. This entails adjusting rental rates to match demand fluctuations and handling rental payments. Alongside, property management companies organize cleaning and maintenance schedules. Some even provide supplementary offerings like airport transfers, grocery delivery, and adventure tours (such as spearfishing, parasailing, and whale watching). Additionally, we assist in filing damage claims.

  1. Guest Screening

Guest screening is another crucial service offered by ProperSavvy. It plays a pivotal role in assessing the quality of guests who rent your property. Through rigorous background checks and meeting specific criteria, we ensure that only the most reliable vacationers have access to your property.

  1. Property Maintenance

Being your property management services provider, we also oversee property maintenance, encompassing repairs and renovations. Our commitment ensures your property's impeccable condition, providing guests with a secure and comfortable living environment. This involves addressing repairs and maintenance requirements during routine inspections, effectively identifying damages or necessary fixes.

  1. Rental Agreements

A property management company provides rental agreements, outlines the HOA regulations, home rules and vacation tips on local amenities. Marketing and Advertising.

Marketing and advertising a rental property can be challenging and time consuming for property owners. Property management companies are skilled at marketing rental properties and can effectively advertise your property to attract tenants. They use various online platforms (such as VRBO, Airbnb, and social platforms to market your property and ensure it reaches the right audience.

  1. Tenant Relations

Collecting rent and paying local taxes can be challenging and time consuming, especially for property owners properties in a foreign country. A property management company handles the rent collection, ensuring that operating expenses (electrical, cable, internet, HOA) and cleaning & maintenance are made on time.

  1. Financial Reporting

Another service that a property management company provides is monthly financial reporting. They provide financial reports to property owners, including rent payment receipts, and other accounting reports. The company ensures that property owners are aware of the financial status of their rental property and can help owners make informed decisions.

  1. Legal Compliance

Property management services ensure that rental properties comply with all legal requirements. They know property laws, regulations, and guidelines and ensure the property adheres to all necessary regulations. It includes issues related to health and safety, tenant rights, and landlord responsibilities.

Therefore, property management services provide various services to help owners manage their rental properties effectively. They take care of all aspects of rental property management, including rent management, tenant screening, property maintenance, lease agreement management, marketing and advertising, tenant relations, rent collection, financial reporting, and legal compliance. By hiring a property management company, property owners can be assured that their property is in good hands, and can focus on other aspects of their life without worrying about the management of their rental properties.

Proper Savvy is here to help you navigate the intricacies of property management services to make the best investment decisions. Reach us out NOW!

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