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Experience a luxury vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas with ProperSavvy. We offer affordable prices and unbeatable locations for a memorable trip. Choose from a vast array of beachfront or hill homes and trust our reliable vacation rental company to find the perfect one. 

ProperSavvy prioritizes transparency, trustworthiness, and communication to offer you the highest level of service possible. As one of the most trusted Cabo Property Management companies, we are committed to the happiness of our guests and owners. Contact us for luxury vacation rentals and let us provide you with an exceptional and reasonable experience.


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Vacation Rentals offer a Delightful Experience

Experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Cabo San Lucas, the world’s most visited vacation destination.  Stunning beaches and breathtaking ocean views are in every direction. Choose from our luxurious vacation rentals, complete with private locations. Cabo offers spas, golf courses, and other luxury experiences. 

Stay like a local and explore the city. Our rentals provide easy access to beaches and panoramic views. Avoid the hassle of fully booked resorts and enjoy our affordable rentals, a perfect choice for families and large groups. Book now for a dream vacation.

Set the Tone for a Memorable Holiday

ProperSavvy is committed to providing vacation rentals in Cabo that will help you relax and unwind during your stay with us. At ProperSavvy, one of the most important things for us is to ensure that each of our guests has an elegant and restful experience. 

Whether you are staying for just a day or two, or planning a long vacation, our service offers convenience and premium luxury in equal measure. 

You can choose from several distinct designs and floor plans, ranging from opulent villas to condominiums. Regardless of which type of short-term rental best suits your preferences, guests can enjoy the luxury of a fully-stocked kitchen, WIFI, and tasteful furnishings that are both comfortable and beautiful.

Steps to Book Vacation Homes

 1: Visit our website & explore the options available on the website.

 2: Choose the dream vacation rental in Cabo you would like to book with us.

 3: Send us an email with the rental details or picture, or call us on the spot.


Start by making a generic request, such as “We require four bedrooms, located close to Medano Beach, with a large amount of outdoor space, and an easy walk to downtown”. After that, have a seat and relax while our staff finds various solutions and sends them your way. We will use our resources to assist you in finding the most suitable villa alternatives for your party.


Unique Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Homes Experience

Rent a distinctive vacation home in beautiful Cabo San Lucas with ProperSavvy and make memories surrounded by breathtaking ocean views. Vacation homes offer a variety of high-quality services including outdoor swimming pools, complimentary WIFI, and fully stocked kitchens. Experience golfing, sunbathing, and swimming during the day and live music, traditional Mexican cuisine, and tequila in the evenings. 

Our property management services include vacation homes with WIFI, condos with balconies and patios, and organizing a personalized chef. Ideal for families or friends looking to spend a relaxing holiday, choose from villas with kitchens or swimming pools, and many beachfront options.

Some Attractions in Cabo san Lucas

Book a Vacation Rental and dive into these beautiful views and all that Cabo has to offer!

Greatest Tourist Attractions Ever

In Cabo, visitors can choose between exciting activities and restful days of pampering. The town offers a wide range of activities, such as hiking, riding ATVs, and zip-lining across the stunning scenery. One can also sail for deep-sea fishing or go whale shark snorkeling. Cabo is best for whale viewing between December and March, when these magnificent mammals migrate to the shores of Mexico.

The Climate of Cabo San Lucas

Visitors from the United States and Canada flock to the city of Cabo San Lucas in the winter to enjoy the warm weather and relax on the city’s magnificent beaches, away from the icy winds of the North. While it’s true that summers in Cabo are hotter than in winter, there are still many ways to stay comfortable if you visit during this season. With the sunny summer weather, warm water temperatures emerge, making scuba diving and snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas a must-do activity.

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Beautiful Coastlines

The beaches of the Baja Peninsula, with their clear blue waters and golden sands, are a major draw for vacationers in Cabo. You can relax by the water, construct sandcastles, and read a good book on the beach. When you need some exercise, take a stroll down the lengthy beachfront. With the backdrop of these breathtaking beaches, you won’t have a single minute of your vacation without something beautiful to look at. However, it is important to pay heed to flags and signs warning of turbulent waters, as Cabo is located where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez converge.

Lovely Landscapes

Cabo San Lucas may be best known for its beaches, but the Baja Peninsula is also home to many breathtaking natural wonders. Rough cactus and small-brush-covered mountains extend in all directions around town. Land’s End, located at the very tip of the peninsula, is a popular tourist destination due to the fascinating rock formations sculpted by the wind and sea over centuries. Lover’s Beach at Land’s End is one of the best in the state, and visitors may go on boat cruises to see playful sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks.

Superior Rest and Leisure

Get the best house for rent for your vacation in the area which offer a wide range of activities and attractions. Elegant facilities, such as these, will provide you with various restaurants to choose from every day. Additionally, some offer fully equipped gyms, soothing spas, and lush gardens. You’ll feel completely at ease while lounging by the pool or enjoying a cup of coffee on your private balcony in Cabo San Lucas. The best time to visit Cabo and save money is during the summer when tourist traffic is reduced, and rates are at their lowest.

If you take a closer look at what makes Cabo so popular, you’ll notice that there’s something there for every kind of tourist. Anyone, young or old, searching for adventure or relaxation will find something to adore in this location.

Plan your dream vacation in Cabo San Lucas! Browse our wide selection of affordable vacation rental homes on Enjoy hassle-free planning with our concierge services. Book now and make your Cabo dreams into reality!