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La Vida Hermosa

This brand-new Ocean-View Roof Top | 2-Bed 2-Bath Vacation Home is more than just a home; it's an experience. Step into a beautifully decorated space where modern elegance meets comfort. The condo is fully equipped with all the comforts of home, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

The highlight of this gem is the expansive rooftop, often referred to as a penthouse. It's not just a rooftop; it's your private sanctuary in the sky. Enjoy breathtaking views as you unwind in the outdoor kitchen, creating unforgettable memories against the stunning backdrop of Vista Mare.

Accommodation Details

Ocean-View Roof Top | 2-Bed 2-Bath Vacation Home

Explore the allure of Vista Mare's charm through our latest addition – La Vida Hermosa, a sensational 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo. This brand-new construction boasts not only beautifully decorated interiors but also a highlight that truly sets it apart – a spacious rooftop that some affectionately refer to as a penthouse.

To begin with, La Vida Hermosa is designed to captivate your senses from the moment you step in. Furthermore, the interior is thoughtfully adorned, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and comfort. Equipped with modern amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, this condo is more than a dwelling; it’s an invitation to luxurious living.

Moreover, the pièce de résistance is the expansive rooftop, often dubbed a penthouse for its grandeur. So, this isn’t just a rooftop; it’s your exclusive haven in the sky. Consequently, you can delight in the breathtaking panoramic views and enjoy the rooftop BBQ and fire pit area against the stunning backdrop of Vista Mare.

Key Features:

  • 2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms: Perfectly designed for your comfort and convenience.
  • Brand-New Construction: Experience the freshness and modernity of a recently built condo.
  • Beautifully Decorated Interiors: Immerse yourself in a space where style meets coziness.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: Unleash your culinary prowess with the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Expansive Rooftop with Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pit: The highlight of La Vida Hermosa, offering a private sanctuary in the sky.
  • Panoramic Views: A mesmerizing backdrop of Vista Mare that elevates your living experience to new heights.So, t


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