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Discover a 2 bedroom Vacation Rental at Vista Azul boasting Medano Beach and marina views. Close to downtown, soak up sunlight in the living room or unwind on the spacious patio. Access shared BBQ, firepit, and a nearby pool for leisure. Embrace the coastal charm and convenience, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Enjoy the blend of comfort and scenic beauty in this sought-after locale, offering an inviting haven amidst the vibrant energy of the area.

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2 Bedroom Vacation Rental in Cabo San Lucas

Immerse yourself in the coastal charm of this inviting 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom vacation rental nestled within Vista Azul. Offering captivating vistas of Medano Beach and the bustling marina, coupled with its convenient proximity to downtown, this spot becomes an ideal getaway. Abundant natural light graces the welcoming living room, creating an oasis for relaxation. Step onto the expansive patio to savor peaceful moments or entertain guests against a picturesque backdrop. With shared BBQ amenities, a snug firepit, and easy access to a nearby pool, this retreat seamlessly combines comfort and convenience.

Embrace the vibrant surroundings, relishing the perfect harmony between relaxation and practicality. This cherished escape embodies a fusion of coastal tranquility and urban accessibility. Furthermore, each element, from the stunning views to the shared facilities, crafts an unforgettable experience. It's not just a vacation rental; it's a sanctuary where coastal serenity meets the lively beat of city life.

Here, amidst Vista Azul's embrace, tranquility intertwines effortlessly with accessibility, promising an exceptional stay. Whether seeking solitude or adventure, this rental captures the essence of both worlds, making every moment a cherished memory in this coastal haven. Experience the best of relaxation and vibrant energy within this 2-bedroom Vacation Rental, inviting you to savor the essence of coastal living in the heart of this vibrant locale.

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