Property Management Services

Property Management in Cabo San Lucas.

We provide peace of mind that your residence is professionally managed while you are away.

Payment of Annual and Monthly Expenses

1. Advertisement of your home/property on the ProperSavvy website
2. Regular communication with owners via email, text message a/o phone call
3. Professional Photos of the property for the website
4. Listing on VRBO/Air BnB (requires above)
5. Emergency Services contact information provided
6. Local information for guests – local restaurants, tourist sights, things to do in Cabo

Tax of Annual and Monthly Expenses

1. Municipal Water*
2. Additional Water Delivery, if required*
3. Electric (CFE)*
4. Propane (Caligas or Global)*
5. Telephone and Internet services*
6. Property Tax*
7. HOA fee payment*
8. Arrangement of pest control, if required*
9. Email copies of receipts for all expenses


1. Management of existing staff (gardener, housekeeper, pool maintenance, cleaning person, laundry services, and maintenance people).
2. PS will Provide the above services if required*

Vacation Rentals

1. Advertising to drive leads towards renting your home.
2. Communication before arrival with guests
3. Check In
4. Meet and Greet
5. Check-Out & Check out Inspection

Vacant Properties Checks

2-walkthrough inspections per month (to ensure the house is in working usable condition with regards to water, lights, gas, outside grounds, and appliances). Run water and check for damage, visual check for rodent or insect infestation, flushing of toilets, and run water through each facet (ensures water in pee-traps to prevent sewer gas smell)
* Any exceeding visits are billed as extras.

Concierge Services (as Requested)

1. Airport Transportation Arrangement **
Professional transportation with licensed and insured 3rd-party provider and bi-lingual driver
2. Groceries and Supplies **
Delivered prior to the guest’s arrival
3. Dinner Reservations **
4. Catering & Bar Tending **
5. Live Music (local band) **
6. Arrangement of Outdoor Activities
Including; fishing/boating, ATV adventures, golf, beach, and street-food tours**
7. Spa Services**
8. Laundry Service**

Various property management companies say they take care of everything, but you need to be clear about just what everything entails. In other words, you need to be sure they manage every aspect of your vacation rental, including keeping the vacation rental booked and prepared for guests for as long as you own your property.

At ProperSavvy Property Management Services, we not only list your vacation rental on several platforms, we also create eye catching advertising and post them social media sights for you. We take photos of the property, compose a listing, advertise it to potential renters and organize their visits.

As your property management company, we will be available to help answer any concerns about the program and your property.  We will manage cancellation policies, cleaning fees, payments, troubleshoot issues with current guests, minimize unnecessary maintenance charges for your home, and much more. In other words, we are a full-service property management company to help ensure a return on your investment.

A Few Words About Us

Our dedicated and experienced team ensures your home will be maintained in excellent and rentable condition at all times. We handle everything from marketing, reservations, housekeeping & maintenance. In-house maintenance and cleaning are provided to keep your home in tip-top shape! Maintenance not only provides repairs but also pest control, lawn care as well as pool care service.

four chairs placed near a swimming pool

ProperSavvy: Best Property Management for Visitors

Experienced Property Management

Cabo is one of the safest places to visit with your friends and family for a vacation. On top of that, by Booking with ProperSavvy, the only good surprises are in store for you and your guests. Choosing the right property management company is an important decision to make when you are planning to rent your vacation property in Cabo San Lucas.

If you are looking for a trusted source for property management, you should consider partnering with ProperSavvy. These property managers have years of experience and are known for their service, high standards, and professionalism. They also provide vacation rentals and project management.

The team of ProperSavvy includes a Property Manager, an Operations Manager, and an Accounting Manager. Each team member carries out different duties to ensure that your property is taken care of as if it were theirs. We also study the vacation rental market and learn about the latest hospitality tools. It ensures that you get the most from your rental property. ProperSavvy is designed to make your Cabo home feel like a home away from home. The company's team of professionals helps homeowners transform their Cabo home into a place their friends and family can visit and enjoy. Whether you need help cleaning your pool or scheduling emergency maintenance, these experts can care for you. We also guarantee that you'll have more frequent return clients.

You can count on us for any Cabo property management needs, and we offer the highest quality service to homeowners and renters.

A Hassle-Free Property Management

We give you the confidence of knowing that a trained professional is managing your home while you are gone.

Many property management companies claim that they handle everything, but you ought to clarify what they mean by this. To put it another way, ensure they will take care of everything involved with your vacation rental for as long as you own the property. It includes everything from marketing and booking to cleaning and upkeep.

The staff at ProperSavvy Property Management Services will, on your behalf, not only post advertisements for your vacation rental on multiple websites but also design and distribute adverts that are sure to grab people's attention. We take photos, create a description, upload it to the website, and then schedule showings for prospective tenants interested in the property.

Our staff of property managers will be available to assist you with any queries or concerns regarding the program or the location of the building. We will handle matters about guest cancellations, housekeeping fees, payments, resolving issues with existing tenants, decreasing expenditures associated with unneeded property upkeep, and other related matters. It translates into us being able to provide you with a comprehensive selection of property management services geared toward maximizing the return you get on your investment.

Our Management Services include:

Payment of Annual and Monthly Expenses

  • Posting an ad for your house or other property on the website of ProperSavvy
  • Communication with owners consistently, either via email, text message, or phone call
  • Photos of the property taken by professionals for use on the website
  • Putting up a listing on VRBO or Air BnB (requires above)
  • Information about how to get in touch with emergency services is supplied
  • Information on the surrounding area for guests, including restaurants, tourist attractions, and things to do in Cabo.

The tax on Annual and Monthly Expenses

  • Municipal Water*
  • Additional Water Delivery, if required
  • Electric (CFE)*
  • Propane (Caligas or Global)*
  • Telephone and Internet services*
  • Property Tax*
  • HOA fee payment*
  • Arrangement of pest control, if required*
  • Email copies of receipts for all expenses


Existing staff management (gardener, housekeeper, laundry services, and maintenance people).

Vacation Rentals

  • Promoting your rental property to attract potential tenants.
  • Interaction with guests before their arrival

Vacant Properties Checks

  • walkthrough inspections per month (to ensure the house is in usable condition concerning water, lights, gas, outside grounds, and appliances).
  • Run water and check for damage, visual check for rodent or insect infestation, flushing of toilets, and run water through each facet (ensures water in pee-traps to prevent sewer gas smell)
  • Any exceeding visits are billed as extras.

Concierge Services (as Requested)

  • Airport Transportation Arrangement: Professional transportation with a licensed and insured 3rd-party provider and bi-lingual driver
  • Groceries and Supplies: Delivered before the guest’s arrival
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Catering & Bar Tending
  • Live Music (local band)
  • Arrangement of Outdoor Activities, Including; fishing/boating, ATV adventures, golf, beach, and street-food tours
  • Spa Services
  • Laundry Service

Thanks to our skilled staff, you can trust that your property will be well-maintained and ready for rent. We will look after everything for you, including promotion, reservations, cleaning, and maintenance. The on-site maintenance crew and the housekeeping service will ensure that your residence is kept in pristine shape at all times. In addition to fixing items, maintenance is responsible for taking care of the garden and the swimming pool and removing any unwanted critters that may have made their way inside.

Why Choose ProperSavvy for Property Management in Cabo?

The team of property managers at Cabo will treat your home as if it were their property when caring for it. Our team comprises industry experts with extensive experience working with high-end real estate in Mexico. Our great reputation established long before our skills, is the best illustration of how dedicated we are to the homeowners we serve.

We are a trustworthy organization that you can count on to keep an eye on your home while you are away. It is because we have real people working on the ground. ProperSavvy in Cabo is your one-stop shop for anything and everything you might require in the future.

Because of the diverse types of expertise that are contained within our organization, we can be versatile and adaptable. Our scope of work encompasses a wide variety of real estate, including boats, enormous luxury villas, coastal cottages, and condominiums in gated communities with 24-hour security. Because the requirements of each homeowner are unique, and each property is exceptional, we tailor our services to meet each client's specific requirements. Our basic competencies of dedication, security, safety, hospitality, and property advisory remain the same, although the success of our firm is dependent on the provision of this individualized service.

Our Renters can have unlimited access to the activities in Cabo:

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving in Cabro
  • Book our vacation villas for celebrating the Birthdays of your loved ones
  • Celebrate your Weddings in a breathtaking ambiance and location

Please get in touch with our vacation rental team to explore more about our Property Management Services in Cabo. Our team will be glad to assist you!

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in serving our guests with the best experience. Read what they say.

I’m impressed! Not only did they pick us up from the airport the groceries were bought and put away. The vacation rental was awesome and in a great location. We unpacked our bags grabbed a cold drink and headed to the pool within ½ hour of arriving. Thanks for the memories!

Greg and Kari Vancouver, Canada

We hired ProperSavvy to look after our home while we were away for the summer, the guests that we had coming and going were treated with great hospitality. Upkeep and small repairs were done immediately between guests, and they kept our home in top condition. Cabo saw a tropical storm and a hurricane that September and we were so impressed by the contact and updates we were given. You won’t go wrong by hiring ProperSavvy to look after your home!

Terry and Vicki Florida, USA

Our home sits empty for months at a time, so we hired ProperSavvy to look after our unit. I can’t say enough about how great they are, you would think they were family. Michele has an interior decorating eye and has made a few minor changes to our home that has made an amazing difference and coming home to a stocked refrigerator and pantry is just an added plus! Love them!

The Rickers Calgary, Canada


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