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Approximately 65 countries grant their citizens entry into Mexico as tourists without requiring a visa, allowing a visa waiver for travel lasting up to 180 days within the country. This list encompasses nations like Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, and all EU member states. However, if your country isn't included in this list or if you plan to extend your stay beyond 180 days, consulting your local Mexican Consulate is advised. Upon arrival in Mexico, you'll receive a paper visa, consisting of two parts—one for immigration and the other for departure. It's crucial to safeguard the departure portion, as it serves as your exit visa. Losing it would necessitate a fine payment to board your departing flight. Therefore, ensure you keep this segment within your passport throughout your stay.

Flights Into and Out of Baja California Sur:

Baja California Sur has two major international airports: San Jose del Cabo International Airport, also referred to as Los Cabos Airport (SJD), and La Paz International Airport, known as Manuel Márquez de León International Airport.  Exercise caution while booking flights to La Paz, as there's a sizable international airport in La Paz, Bolivia.  SJD is the airport you will fly into for San Jose, Cabo San Lucas, or the Todo Santos area.


Canadian Dollars aren't accepted locally in Los Cabos, but you can convert them at currency exchanges like the one in Terminal 2 in San Jose. While many businesses take USD, it's not optimal due to unfavorable rates. It's wise to carry Pesos, which can be obtained from your bank or ATMs for better rates, albeit with service fees. Credit cards work well; choose Pesos over USD. Keep in mind not to carry large sums. Our vacation rentals provide safes for your valuables.

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