A poster on the hotel's vs. vacation rentals

Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

One of the challenges of booking a vacation is choosing a place to stay.  While having options is never a bad thing, weighing the choice of renting a vacation home or staying at a hotel can admittedly feel overwhelming.  

While hotels are safe, no doubt about that, sometimes the locations are less than ideal, and the experience can feel very manufactured. With vacation rentals it’s much more like living locally, to rent out a house or apartment in a small town or big city alike allows you to experience the local culture more easily.  It ensures that you will explore and experience local restaurants, venues, shopping, and much more than what is behind the doors of the “all-inclusive”. 

Several years ago, hotels would have won on ease of booking, but as rental platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, etc., have grown, their listings have only gotten better.  It’s easier than ever to find the perfect rental for your vacation, no matter how long the stay.  Discounts for longer-term stays and individualized treatment through these platforms are tough to beat these days.  While this could change in the future as hotels might upgrade their technology, it’s hard to argue that rental platforms aren’t on top of their game when it comes to fantastic apps, and the best websites we’ve seen in this industry.

Besides choosing hotel chains, booking multiple hotel rooms for families or large groups, and front desk stress, we’ve rounded up five reasons why vacation rentals dominate the vacation rental vs. hotel debate.

1. More Privacy

After the last few years we have had, are you itching for human contact?  Sure, but do you want to jump in with both feet?  By booking a vacation rental, you don’t have to be on top of others while waiting in buffet lines.  An all-inclusive may sound attractive but hasn’t the last few years made us aware of our personal space?   

It is important to think about the type of vibe you are looking for from your upcoming vacation.  Many hotel properties here in Cabo are located far from the city center and the marina.  Many Airbnb properties, on the other hand, are situated in the suburbs, but an easy Uber or cab ride to the action and nightlife.

2. More Space

If you’re already feeling cooped up at home, then you probably don’t want to cram the whole family into a hotel room or take on the cost of multiple rooms.  Booking a vacation rental vs. a hotel means more space, both inside and out.  We can offer great kitchen spaces if you love to cook that most hotels just don’t have.  Or maybe a takeout in front of the TV is more your style. In that case, find a vacation rental with a spacious living room and plenty of cozy furniture, where you can gorge on pad thai, tacos, or whatever you’re craving.

3. Experience & Explore

All-inclusive means you want your bang for your buck, but we have a saying here in Cabo.  “The food is amazing here, except at the all-inclusive”.  In Los Cabos, you will see food from all over Mexico, which makes it a pretty great place to start your Mexican culinary adventures.  Experience and explore what Cabo has to offer which you can’t do if don’t leave your resort. 

4. Private Amenities

Hotels and resorts can indeed offer fun amenities—like swimming pools and hot tubs—but, if possible, why not enjoy one of your very own?  Luckily, when you book a vacation rental, you can choose from homes with private swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, game rooms, and even home theaters.  Plus, having one of these amenities all to yourself means more space to enjoy it, whether you’re splashing, soaking, or having a family movie night.

5. Work Remotely—with a view

The great thing about remote work is that you can do it from almost anywhere.  Many vacation homes offer free high-speed Wi-Fi, so you won’t miss a meeting, plus you’ve got the option to book a place with extra room to use as an office.  Besides, wouldn’t it be way better if your Zoom background was Lands End and our famous El Arco?

Have I convinced you yet?  I know sometimes we are in need of an easy, no-work holiday and if that’s what you are looking for the resorts can look pretty attractive.  At the end of the day whatever conclusion you come to, remember, it is your holiday, and vacation moments are precious. 

Until next time,